Joovy Qool Double Stroller Review

-the complete Joovy Qool double stroller review

Looking to buy a luxury-style single to double stroller? Then the Joovy Qool is definitely worth looking at!

YSG Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Weight: 30.6 lbs

The Joovy Qool Stroller with its dark frame, and leatherette handle bar, has that modern and luxury look while still being quite affordable. The Joovy Qool stroller is an ultimate multi-tasker. You can use it as a single stroller, as a double with the purchase of additional seats and front adaptors, or triple with the purchase of a bench seat. This stroller is a must have when you have either twins or triplets.  It weighs about 30lbs and can hold up to 135lbs total weight (this includes the weight of your children and the items you put in the basket). The Qool reclines nearly flat (for more comfortable seating) but unfortunately does not have an adjustable footrest.

Newborns will need to use the bassinet or car seat and smaller infants who have outgrown the bassinet will need an infant insert for a proper fit. 

This stroller is modular and can be used forward-facing or parent-facing. The Qool converts to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat – sold separately. The second seat’s weight limit is one of the top weight limits on the market, at 55 pounds. Many convertible strollers have a ride-along board accessory for small children, but the Qool takes this triple stroller concept one step further. In addition to the two main seats, you can add a bench seat, which accommodates children up to 55 pounds. The Qool rolls on rubber wheels with front-wheel suspension, providing a reasonably smooth ride even on more uneven surfaces.

Want to know even more about thse Joovy Qool stroller? Here is a complete review of all its features!

Joovy Qool Double Stroller Review Features


The Joovy Qool seats have a high weight limit. Both the main seat and the second seat can hold a child up to 55lbs! The seats, which are equipped with a 5-point harness, can easily recline to a nearly flat position by engaging the gray recline lever at the top of the seat. That said, though they can recline down far, Joovy does not recommend you place babies in the regular seat until they are about 6 months of age. 

The seats have a removable bumper bar, which makes setting kids in or lifting them out easy-peasy, as well as an easy-to-clean rubber foot lining at the seat’s bottom to catch dirt, food crumbs, and playground. The seat is super easy to take out and put back in. Just press the two buttons on either side of the seat and then lift the seat out to remove it. When you want to put it back, it simply clicks in

However, the height limit of the seats is only 44 inches. Some parents say that with the second seat attached, the space can feel squished. 

You can attach the bassinet to the stroller frame to make suitable for a newborn!

Double Stroller Feature

No need to buy a new stroller, just add the Front Adapter and a Second Seat when you add a new baby to the family. Then you have both of them in only one stroller. The seats have a capacity of up to 55 lbs each. You can have both kids ride the stroller for a long time.

Bench Seat Feature

You can add a Bench Seat for a third or second child depending on your family situation. With a simple click-in installation, it seats a child up to 55lbs aboard the stroller.

Weight Capacity

The stroller has the capacity to carry quite a lot of weight, talking of 135Ibs capacity. You can Keep all your children in one place in the stroller without having to worry about busted wheels..


The Joovy Qool Wheels are durable and made of rubber, meaning they’ll never go flat. The front wheels are 8.5″, while the back wheels are and 12″. They can handle all kinds of terrain, from hilly to grass to gravel. The front wheels offer suspension for a nice, smooth ride and can swivel or be stationary. 

According to Amazon reviewer, Mom2HowMany, “The wheels are a good size, it handles grass, dirt, gravel, and cracks in the sidewalk with ease, even with someone in the bench seat. Yet they aren’t so big that the fold is huge.”


Before you fold the Qool, you may want to make sure the main seat is in the middle position. Note that if you’re using the second seat, you must detach it first. Then, you just press the triggers on either side of the handlebar, and the stroller will fold in half backwards. You’ll know the stroller is locked when you hear the safety click. Note that the Qool doesn’t stand on its own once folded. 

Even when folded, the stroller is quite long and takes up a lot of space in your trunk or garage. You’ll want to make sure it fits in your trunk before you buy it.

Tough Tires

The tires are tough enough for bumpy roads, wheels sealed against dirt and a smooth ride for your little ones sleeping, thanks to front suspension.

Easy-Access Extra-Large Basket

Stash your diaper bag, toys, and whatever you pick up cruising the mall — we saved you plenty of space.


The Joovy Qool Canopy is a large UPF 50 canopy. It has a zip-out panel that provides full sun protection, as well as a mesh peek-a-boo window for increased airflow and to check on your little one. Bonus: the second seat offers this same exceptional canopy. 

Adjustable Handlebar

The telescopic, leatherette handlebar provides a comfortable grip that doesn’t quit and split over time.

Zero Flame Retardant Chemicals

Safety tested by our team to be 100% flame retardant chemical free — because what your children ride on matters.

Snack Tray

Other trays get kicked by tiny feet on the way in and out, but ours swings out of the way 

Parent Organizer

With the parent organizer feature, you can keep your cell phone, keys, and drink within secure and easy reach with the Joovy’s washable parent organizer for the Qool stroller. The parent organizer has; two snug-fit cup holders, Secure interior zipper pocket, Deep center pocket for the big stuff, Five mesh pockets.

Joovy Qool Stroller Pros

  • The Qool reclines nearly flat (for a bucket seat) but does not have an adjustable footrest. 
  • Newborns will need to use the bassinet or car seat and smaller infants who have outgrown the bassinet will need an infant insert for a proper fit.  
  • This stroller is modular and can be used forward-facing or parent-facing.   
  • The Qool converts to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat sold separately. The second seat’s weight limit is one of the highest weight limits on the market, at 55 pounds.

Joovy Qool Stroller Cons

  • Weighing in at 30.6 pounds as a single and 37.5 pounds as a double, the Qool is one of the heaviest full-sized strollers out there.
  • The Qool folds very simply, but is not particularly compact. Please check your car’s trunk dimensions to make sure this stroller will fit before purchasing. The stroller folds easily with the primary seat or both seats attached.
  • The footrest is not adjustable.
  • As a single stroller, the Qool features a nicely-sized storage basket big enough to fit plenty of things. It is a bit difficult to access because of the stroller’s crossbar. As a double stroller, much of the storage space is eaten up by the second seat, which is true of most convertible strollers.
  • The Qool comes with a bumper bar, but all other accessories, like rain shields, bassinets, second seat, bench seats, car seat adapters, and more are sold separately.
  • Flat recline
  • Newborn compatible – with bassinet or car seat
  • Reversible seat
  • Converts from single to double
  • Quite heavy
  • Not compact fold
  • Non-adjustable footrest
  • Accessories need to be bought separately

Joovy Qool Double Stroller Reviews

A lot of parents were quite happy with their purchases.

  • A lot of parent like the fact that they do not have to buy a second stroller once they get a second child. Thy also liked the sleek, modern, high end design of the stroller, And lastly, the fact that the stroller is not as expensive as most luxury options. You can get the entire package – double seat bassinet, trays, extra storage, the whole bundle, for less than other double strollers out on the market.
  • Other parents found the stroller to also be great for a smaller and older kid. They loved the option to have the toddler sit on the bench or a full seat with a perfect fit. They also liked that it rides super smoothly even with two kids aboard!

Joovy Qool Double Stroller Specification

Stroller Weight: 30.6lbs

Open dimensions: 39.96” L x 24.80” W x 40.16” H

Folded dimensions: 37.01” L x 24.80” W x 17.72” H

Height Adjustable Handlebar: 39″- 42″

Basket Weight Capacity: 25 lbs.

Weight Capacity

Seats – 55 lbs each

Bassinet – 20 lbs.

Bench Seat – 55 lbs.

Stroller Video Demo

Here is a quick Joovy Qool double stroller demo by Joovy. Gives you a quick show of most of the stroller’s features.

Where to Buy?

You can check out the Joovy Qool Double Stroller at Amazon.

Conclusion – Joovy Qool Double Stroller Review

The biggest selling point for me was the 55-pound weight capacity for each seat. With two babies the same age growing together, I did not want seats with different weight capacities. I wanted to get some miles out of the Qool so our kids can ride in it as long as possible. What I also liked was the huge canopy and the big storage basket.

Some things I like that I noticed after putting it together (which was really easy) is that the Qool feels sturdy, which might be why it feels a bit on the heavy side. The leatherette handlebar is nice and comfortable. The canopy window is big and can be left open for ventilation. The wheels are solid, the extending handlebar is nice when needed, and the different recline positions are nice for keeping your baby comfortable.

And that’s it for a full Joovy Qool Double stroller review! It tells you all you need to know about the stroller – including its Pros and Cons. I hope it has provided you with enough information to help you make your purchase decision.

If you have any question or if something is not entirely clear to you, do not hesitate to contact me or put down your comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!!

xx Krista

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