7 Best Strollers for Child Over 50 lbs

Finding a stroller for a child over 50 lbs could be a daunting task as most strollers on the market range from 35 – 50 lbs max. But do not worry too much as your search ends here! There are a number of good quality strollers on the market that are suitable for toddlers/children over 50 lbs. Ranging from 55 to 75 lbs, here is a list of the best 7 strollers on the market. Includes the best double, umbrella, and jogging stroller for child over 50 lbs.

Find your best stroller for child over 50 lbs below!

1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

YSG Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 65 lbs

As its name might make it seem, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is not a jogging stroller. However, it is an all-terrain stroller designed to give you and your baby the smoothest ride on smooth or rough terrain. It is an everyday stroller designed for long walks on smooth or bumpy terrain. If you get easily annoyed with bumpy and hard to maneuver strollers, then the City Mini GT is a great option to go for. The stroller is quite reasonably sized at 22 lbs, and is sturdy enough to carry up to 65 lbs.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Features

All Terrain Wheels: The City Mini GT is an all terrain stroller because it comes with all terrain wheels that allow you take your stroller anywhere you want. Gives you a smooth and easy ride on all terrains.

Quick Fold: The stroller comes with a quick-fold feature that saves you the hassle of folding up the stroller manually. The auto lock feature locks the stroller in place once its folded up.

Adjustable Handlebar: I feel it’s always important to have adjustable handlebars on a stroller. Allows you to fit the stroller handle to fit whoever is pushing the stroller. Saves you the uncomfortable hunching.

Hand Operated Brakes: Another great feature of the City Mini GT stroller is its hand operated parking feature. I find it much nicer and easier than toe/feet activated brakes.

Multi-Position Recline: The stroller is able to recline into an almost completely flat position. This is great for giving your kid comfort.

UV 50+ Extendable Ventilated Canopy: The stroller comes with a sun proof extendable canopy. You can also open up the two ventilation windows to allow air in and out of the stroller, and best of all, to keep an eye on your little one.

Rear Accessible Basket: The stroller includes a rear-only accessible basket for storing your on-the-go items. The basket is not humongous, but is decent sided enough to fit stuff like spare diapers, bottles, snacks, etc.

5-Point Harness: Safety is always important! The stroller includes a 5-point quick-release harness that keeps your baby safely strapped into the stroller seat.

Child Weight: At only 22 lbs, the stroller is sturdy enough to support a child’s weight of up to 65 lbs.  

Car Seat Compatible: The City Mini GT stroller can also be converted into a travel system by attaching a car seat to it. However this is only suited for toddlers with a max. weight of 35 lbs. This is an option if you plan to reuse the stroller for your next kid. 

  • Easy and quick fold
  • Folds up small and compact
  • Rolls great on rough terrain
  • Smooth and easy to maneuver
  • Large canopy
  • Basket quite small and access restricted to the rear
  • Stroller seat doesn’t go completely upright

Note: There is also a newer model of the Mini GT – it is called the Mini GT 2. It is not yet as popular as the Mini GT however, it has all the same features as the Mini GT, and is also more lighter and more compact. You can also check it out at Amazon!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

2. Britax B-Lively Stroller

YSG Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 55 lbs

The Britax B-Lively is currently one of the best lightweight full-size strollers available on the market. The stroller is lightweight compared to your regular full-size stroller, but is sturdy enough to hold a child’s weight of up to 55 lbs. The stroller is super affordable, lightweight and comes with a two year warranty as an assurance of its good quality. If you’re looking for a single, lightweight, umbrella stroller that’s able to support a toddler over 50 lbs, then this is a great option to consider. The B-Lively is based on the popular B-Agile and is destined predominantly for the western- American market. Apart from the one-handed fold, another advantage is the super spacious shopping basket. The basket can be accessed either from the back or from the front, once the leg rest is lifted. For a comfortable nap, you can recline the backrest fully. The seat is protected by the quite large hood featuring a UPF and a peek-a-boo window that can be used for ventilation as well. The back of the hood is equipped with an unzipping pocket to store all the bits and pieces securely.

Read here for a full review of the stroller.

Britax B-Lively Stroller Features

Three Colors: The stroller comes in three colors – Raven, Cardinal & Dove

Lightweight Full-Size Stroller: For a full-size everyday stroller, the Britax B-Lively is quite lightweight at just 20 lbs. Compared to other full-size everyday strollers, this stroller weighs close to 10 – 15 lbs less.

Extendable UV 50+ Protection Canopy: The stroller includes a large extendable sun-proof canopy. Great for if you live in a sunny area and are outdoors a lot.  

Ventilated Bassinet: The stroller includes a ventilation mesh that allows air flow in and out of the stroller. Also great for peeking at your toddler inside the stroller.

Large Stroller Basket: This stroller comes with a large storage basket to help with storing your on-the-go items. 

Toe-Tap Rear Brake: The stroller includes a toe-tap brake feature. Easily park your stroller when you need to.

Multi-Position Recline: This Britax B Lively is able to recline almost completely. 

5-Point Harness: Safety is always important! The stroller includes a 5-point harness to keep your baby safely strapped into the stroller seat.

3-Wheel Suspension System: The stroller is designed with 3-wheel to make it easier to maneuver. Also includes a wheel suspension system to give a smoother ride for your toddler. 

Car Seat Compatible: The Britax B-Lively is also car seat compatible. Allowing you to convert the stroller into a travel system by simply clicking-in the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. Note: Car seat needs to be purchased separately. Note: you won’t need the car seat as the max. weight is 35 lbs. Can consider if you’re hoping to use this stroller long term if you’re expecting to have more kids.

One-Hand Quick Fold: This stroller is designed to fold-up quick and easy using a single hand.

Child Weight of 55 lbs: At only 20 lbs. The stroller is sturdy enough to hold a child’s weight of up to 55 lbs. Not only is the stroller lightweight, it is also very sturdy. 

  • Multi-position recline
  • Large stroller basket
  • Easy and smooth maneuver
  • Compact and easy fold
  • Large canopy with sun protection
  • Travel friendly
  • Not compatible with car seats for toddlers. Max. weight of infant car seat is 35 lbs
  • Handle height cannot be adjusted
  • Not so smooth on rough terrain

Interested? Read the complete Britax B-Lively stroller review.

Up next is the best Lightweight Stroller for Child Over 50 lbs:

3. GB Pockit Stroller

YSG Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 55 lbs

In as no.3 for best stroller for child over 50 lbs is another amazing stroller – the GB Pockit Lightweight stroller. It is a very simple, lightweight stroller with basic, yet authentic quality features. It is super lightweight at just 9.5 lbs, making it the best stroller for travel and carrying for long trips. It doesn’t come with a lot of features like most full-size strollers however, it is super lightweight and sturdy enough to carry a child’s weight of up to 55 lbs. The stroller’s best feature is its super compact fold that allows you carry it as luggage for planes, fit in small cars, or simply carry with you in a backpack.

Read on for the full list of features!

GB Pockit Stroller Features

Lightweight Stroller: The GB Pockit is one of the lightest strollers available on the market at just 9.5 lbs. It is not only lightweight but is sturdy enough to carry a child’s weight of up to 55 lbs.

Airplane Stroller: The GB Pockit is so lightweight and folds super compact, it is the best stroller you’d want to take with you on an airplane. It folds up so compact, you can fit it into the overhead storage compartment inside the airplane. 

Compact Stroller: The stroller folds up into the dimensions: 14 L x 12 W x 7 H inches. It is not just compact enough for airplanes but great for small cars, small apartment spaces and great for travel. 

Sun Visor: The GB Pockit stroller does not include a bassinet/canopy, however it comes with a sun visor that is also handy for providing a bit of shade for your child.

Stroller Basket: As an essential feature for all strollers, the GB Pockit comes with a fairly large stroller basket for storing your on-the-go items.

5-Point Harness: Safety is always important when picking a stroller for your child, so it’s another bonus that the stroller comes with a 5-point harness. Helps keep your little one strapped safely into the stroller seat.

Adjustable Torso Length: This is a rare feature in most strollers. It allows you to adjust the stroller length to the height of your child.

Child Weight: As mentioned earlier, this stroller is able to take child’s weight of up to 55 lbs.

  • Smooth and easy maneuver
  • Very compact fold
  • Very lightweight and sturdy
  • Height adjustable harness
  • Small stroller basket
  • No canopy for coverage
  • No recline

4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller

YSG Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 55 lbs

Up next is the Evenflo Pivot Xpand stroller! It is one of the best convertible strollers currently available on the market. It is able to transition from a single to a double stroller, making it perfect if you have two toddlers or are expecting another kid. You can for your newborn into the infant car seat included in the stroller price, or you can purchase an extra car seat to accommodate another toddler. Your toddler/toddlers can fit in the stroller seat that carried up to 55 lbs.. The stroller is ranked highly for its great quality, features and affordability.Read here for a full review of the stroller.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller Features

Convertible Stroller: The stroller can easily be converted to accommodate two kids. If you’re expecting another kid, you can easily convert the stroller to take your newborn(using an included infant car seat). Or if you have twins, you can purchase an additional stroller seat to fit both kids.

Newborn Stroller: The stroller seat is able to recline completely and also includes an enclosure for newborns. If you’re expecting another member of your family, this is a nice fit for your newborn.

Car Seat Compatible: The Stroller is able to fit an infant car seat. With an easy slide and click, you can switch from car to stroller. Also great to use for newborns and can be used with other car seats by attaching the Evenflo Pivot Xpand car seat adapter.

Reversible Car Seat: The stroller seat can be reversed to either face forward or face the rear.

Extendable Ventilated Canopy: The stroller includes a large extendable canopy which a peek-a-boo mesh. Great for ventilation and peeking at your little one in the stroller.

Self Standing Fold: The stroller folded dimensions is not so compact, but is able to stand by itself once folded. This is a nice option for storing.

One-Hand 5-Position Recline: You can completely recline the stroller using a single hand. 

Large Stroller Basket and Cup Holder: The stroller includes a large basket for storing your on-the-go items. And also a cup holder for holding a drink for you or your baby.

5-Point Harness: The stroller includes a five-point harness system to keep your kid safely strapped into the stroller seat.

Child Weight: Supports child’s weight of up to 55 lbs.

  • Adjustable stroller handle
  • Great for two kids
  • Very large accessible basket
  • Can use with other car seats
  • Large canopy to keep out sun
  • Smooth maneuver
  • Only compatible with the Evenflo car seat
  • Need to buy extra stroller seat separately (for twin toddlers)
  • Stroller can get quite heavy one converted to a double stroller

Interested? Read the complete Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modullar stroller review.

Up next is the Best Jogging Stroller for Child Over 50 lbs.

5. BOB Revolution Flex Stroller 

YSG Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 75 lbs

Ranked as the best jogging stroller for child over 50 lbs is the BOB Revolution Flex stroller! It is currently the top jogging stroller on the market in terms of features, quality, and design. It has large all terrain wheels that lets you ride easily on any terrain including beach sand. 

It is designed mainly as a jogging stroller that handles any terrain including: grassy, gravel and beach terrain. Although it is often considered a bit bulky for an everyday stroller, a lot of parents still find it quite convenient to use. It includes multiple features like – car seat compatibility, hand-operated brakes, lockable swiveling wheels for better maneuverability, and an adjustable handlebar for all heights.

Apart from the multiple features, the Revolution Flex is popular for being super sturdy and of really good quality. So if you’re looking for a top notch jogging stroller to ride over any terrain, the BOB Revolution is a top pick for you. 

BOB Gear Revolution Jogging Stroller Features

All-Terrain Air Tires with Suspension System: The stroller tires are able to conquer all terrain and the suspension system gives you a bump-free ride especially on rough terrain.

Hand-Activated Brakes: The stroller has both hand-activated and foot-activated brakes. Using the hand-brake is a better alternative when running/driving downhill and you can’t use your foot. Provides more control and safety while on a run.

Lockable Swiveling Front Wheels: It includes the lockable swiveling front wheel that allows for better maneuverability.

Car Seat Compatible: This stroller is also car seat compatible and accepts infant car seats from –  BOB Gear, Britax, Chicco, Graco, Peg Perego, Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Nuna. Note: the car seat and car seat adapters need to be purchased separately.

Newborn Stroller: By replacing the stroller seat with an infant car seat, you can travel with your newborn aboard the stroller.

One-Hand, Multi-Position Recline: The stroller seat is able to recline into multiple positions without requiring you to free up both hands. Your kid can either sit up straight, lay flat for a nap, or in between.

5-Point Harness: The stroller seat has a 5-point harness system that keeps your baby safely strapped to the stroller seat.

Adjustable Handlebar Height: The stroller handle bars can be adjusted to a preferred height. Lets you adjust the handlebar to the height of the parent using the stroller.

Large Storage Basket: This stroller also includes a large storage basket.

UPF 50+ Stroller Canopy with Peek-a-Boo Window: The stroller has a sun-proof canopy that protects your baby against harmful UV rays, and also includes a peek-a-boo mesh for increased ventilation.

Child’s Weight: The stroller weighs 28.5 lbs and is able to carry up to 75 lbs of child weight.

  • All terrain wheels with suspension system
  • Hand activated brakes
  • Height adjustable handlebars
  • Carries up to 75 lbs
  • Car seat compatible
  • UPF50 Sun-proof canopy
  • One-hand recline
  • A bit pricey
  • No child cup holder or trays
  • Stroller weighs almost 30 lbs

Note: The BOB Revolution Flex stroller also has an older model. But I prefer the newer model which is less bulky and has a nicer design. Check out the Older Version on Amazon.

6. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

YSG Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 75 lbs

Next to the BOB Revolution stroller is the the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller. It comes in 6th on the best stroller for child over 50 lbs list, and as the no.2 jogging stroller for a child over 50 lbs. The stroller is designed to be lightweight compared to the usual heavy and bulky build of most jogging strollers like the BOB Revolution Flex. With a weight of 25 lbs, the stroller is able to carry a child’s weight of up to 75 lbs. The stroller comes with a number of features that makes it one of the best jogging strollers on the market, and a top jogging stroller for a child over 50 lbs.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Features

3-Wheel Suspension: The Zoom 360 stroller comes with shock absorbing wheels that give your child a smooth ride on all surfaces

Lightweight: The Zoom 360 is referred to as Ultralight because its been designed to be quite lightweight for a jogging stroller at 25 lbs. And is also able to carry a child’s weight of up to 75 lbs.

One-Hand Quick Compact Fold: The stroller comes with a one-hand quick fold feature that folds up the stroller easily for you.

Swiveling Front Wheel: The swiveling front wheel allows for smooth and easy maneuver.

Large Extendable Canopy: The stroller includes a large extendable canopy for keeping out light rain and the sun.

Parent Organizer: You can store your phone, keys, and phones using the parent organizer attached to the stroller handle.

Rear-Accessible Stroller Basket: The stroller includes an easy to access basket. However, the size is quite small, and frankly not big enough to hold most on-the-go items.

Rain Cover: You can also purchase a separate rain cover to keep your little one safe when it rains. 

Car Seat Adapter: If you’re a parent that wants to reuse your stroller for a younger kid, you can also attach an infant car seat to the stroller using the car seat adapter. You can fit car seats from multiple brands to the stroller. However, these car seats can only be used for infants less that 35 – 40 lbs.

  • Lightweight for a jogging stroller
  • Easy and quick fold
  • Compact, easy to store fold
  • Smooth and easy to maneuver
  • Very affordable for good quality
  • Large stroller canopy
  • Small storage space
  • Front wheel needs to be properly attached else it gets shaky or falls off

Lastly, is the Best Double Stroller for Child Over 50 lbs

7. Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Max. Child Weight: 55 lbs each

In as no.7 best stroller for child over 50 lbs is a stroller by a famous brand – the Maclaren Twin Triumph!

Maclaren is pretty famous for offering top quality and very stylish strollers. Although the strollers are a bit more pricey than your average stroller, you are guaranteed the high level of quality that makes it worth your money. The Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller is a lightweight double stroller than can be used for twins or kids slightly apart in age. The stroller can be used for toddlers with weight over 50 lbs, and for small infants/newborns. If you have two twin toddlers with weight over 50 lbs, or a toddler and an infant, then this is a great stroller to consider. Maclaren guarantees the quality of the stroller by offering a lifetime warranty for it.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller Features

UV 50+ Extendable Canopy and Visor: The Twin Triumph includes a pair of large extendable sun-proof canopies for each stroller seat. The canopies are easily extendable and large enough to protect both of your kids.

Independent Multi-Position Recline: The stroller is able to recline easily into multiple positions. The nice feature about the Twin Triumph is that the stroller seats are able to recline independently. This is rare to find in most double strollers on the market where you always have to recline both seats. I find it nice that each kid can have whatever position they like.

One-Hand Recline feature: The recline feature can easily be activated using one hand. This allows you easily recline the stroller without needing to free up both hands.

Extra Storage Pocket: The stroller includes a back pocket that serves as an extra storage space for you.

Child Weight: The stroller carrying capacity is 55 lbs for each child.

4-Wheel Suspension System: The Triumph stroller comes with a shock absorbing 4-wheel suspension system that helps give your kid a smooth ride on bumpy terrain. 

5-Point Harness: This stroller has a 5-point harness that keeps you baby nicely tucked into the stroller seat.

Large Stroller Basket: The Triumph stroller comes with a nice large storage basket; it gives you room to hold your on-the-go or shopping items.

Newborn Stroller: This stroller is also great if you have a smaller kid or a newborn. The Triumph stroller is also a newborn stroller and is able to recline flat enough to carry your newborn. Any of the seats can be used for a newborn.

Waterproof Bassinet and Rain Cover: The stroller comes with a rain cover that helps protect your babies from the rain. As an addition, the stroller canopy is also waterproof for light rain.

  • Can be used for a newborn
  • Easy and quick fold
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Large sun-proof canopy
  • Air travel friendly
  • Small storage space
  • Straps are hard to manage
  • Pricey at $400

Conclusion: Best Stroller for Child Over 50 lbs

Those are the top 7 strollers for toddlers over 50 lbs. There are not so many strollers that offer this weight limit as it requires high quality materials to make strollers sturdy enough. For each stroller category mentioned (jogging, double, lightweight), these are currently the best options in the market for strollers over 50 lbs.

This review was created using data collected on multiple forums, store reviews and product features. I hope it has provided you with enough information to help you make your purchase decision.

If you have any question or if something isn’t entirely clear to you, do not hesitate to contact me or put down your comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!!

xx Krista

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