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-the complete Ingelsina Zippy Stroller review!

YSG Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Weight: 15 lbs

The Ingelsina  Zippy Light is a made-in-Italy stroller that opens, closes and strolls with just one hand. Weighing only 15lbs, it has a large comfy seat, a fully reclining backrest with additional padding, an adjustable footrest, a large extendable hood with UPF 50+ for maximum protection against sun rays and safety harness.

The narrow frame of the Zippy Light allows you to glide through the smallest of passages with ease and features an all-wheel suspension so your baby will enjoy a smooth ride. A true space-saver when closed, the Zippy Light Stroller when folded, stands upright on its own for easy storage. The stroller is Ideal for babies & toddlers starting at birth, and up to 55lb. The stroller features durable materials, as well as a removable and washable seat cover, ensuring this product will serve for years. 

Ingelsina Zippy Stroller Features

Car Seat Compatible

The Inggelsina Zippy is a car seat compatible stroller. This means you can easily use it from the birth of your child till they no longer need a stroller. By using the Ingelsina car seat adapter (sold separately) you can attach car seats from Maxi-Cosi (Mico 30, Mico Max 30, Mico NXT), Cybex (Aton, Aton Q, Aton 2), and Nuna (Pipa, Pipa Lite).

Compact Fold

The patented one-handed umbrella folding system makes folding the Zippy Light quick and easy. 


Another great feature of the Zippy Light Stroller is that it fully reclines back and has an adjustable footrest. The fully reclining back is perfect for newborns, eliminating the need to attach a compatible infant car seat, as one typically does for the first six months.  The seat position is adjustable with just one hand, squeezing a handle to move the seat from an almost flat sleeping position to upright.

All-Wheel Suspension

Wondering what keeps your baby from bouncing around in their seat too much while out for a walk or a run? You have your stroller’s suspension system to thank. Just like on your bike or even your car, strollers feature suspension systems too. Some strollers feature all-wheel suspension and independent shocks, making them better at handling bumpy terrain, while others feature two-wheel suspension or even none at all, making for a bouncier ride.

Folding System / Storage

My favorite feature of the Zippy Light is the ease with which you can fold and unfold the stroller. Thanks to Inglesina’s patented umbrella folding system, you can literally do it with one hand! Considering just how often I’d need to fold and unfold it, that’s a feature that a first-time mom can appreciate.

A true space-saver when closed, the Zippy Light stands on its own for easy storage.


The 2018 Zippy Light offers a windowed mesh canopy to increase airflow and circulation, keeping your baby comfortable even on the warmest summer months. The mesh canopy is made with UPF 50+ fabric, offering maximum UV protection for your little passenger. Seat unit equipped with a canopy/hood that is extendable. The canopy/hood features a waterproof removable canopy. It also has a Peek-a-boo viewing window present on the canopy

Bumper Bar

Padded bumper bar is perfect for growing babies who want to sit up in the stroller and explore the world around them. You can consider it to be another safety net for your child, besides the safety harness. It’s great from a safety point of view, if the buggy was to ever to tip and roll over (would still recommend strapping in children), useful for hanging toys, you can hang a few of his favorite toys so that he doesn’t create outbursts when outdoors, you can hang a towel. The bumper bar simply provides you with one more means to keep your little one occupied when out for a stroller. The little one can play with the toys on the bar, or he can push it, pull it. More so, these bars have a soft grip all around for safety. If your baby leans too far forward, waves their arms, or kicks their legs and hits the Bumper Bar, the soft grip will not hurt them.

Belly bar

A belly bar is a feature that’s found on most full-size strollers. Think of a belly bar as an extra layer of safety and comfort for your little one, almost like a bumper. Covered in a soft padding, belly bars extend across the front seat of your stroller and give your little one something to hold onto as you stroll. You can also attach a toy to a belly bar to help keep your little one entertained. Belly bars are often removable.

Storage Basket

A storage basket, also called an undercarriage basket, refers to the storage space underneath the seat of your stroller. There’s a huge range of storage basket sizes depending on your stroller model, from oversized to pretty tiny. If you know you’ll be using your stroller a lot and frequently hauling around a lot of stuff (think diaper bag, a blanket, toys for the park etc.) then you may opt for a stroller with a larger basket. If you plan to travel light, however, this feature won’t be as important to you.


A four-wheel stroller has four wheels arranged in a rectangle shape: two wheels up front and two in the back. This four-wheel stroller offers good stability and can fold easily and compactly. Because this is a more popular stroller configuration, there’s a larger selection of four-wheel strollers than three-wheel models. Front wheel diameter is 16 cm, while the rear wheel diameter is 16 cm. The wheels swivel just fine to move around the city corners. It is also lockable and removable.


  • The stroller is car seat compatible. So it can be used for your child from birth.
  • The fold and unfold is amazingly easy and can be done with just one hand.
  • The canopy is HUGE and fully shades my sunburn prone toddler
  • The suspension has been great on our terrible sidewalks
  • The basket is pretty spacious compared to an umbrella stroller
  • The entire stroller seat is removable and washable.
  • An extra-large canopy allows you to shield the baby from the sun. Plus, it includes a breathable net insert, giving you easy access to check on the baby mid-walk.
  • The stroller comes with a rain cover, which can be handy if you’re out and about when bad weather strikes.
  • The cup holder attaches to the side rather than the top, minimizing a mess if your drink spills.
  • The bumper bar is completely removable for easier access.
  • A fairly spacious storage basket can fit any essentials you might need for your stroll.


  • The seat recline is a bit tricky and hard to get right in one go.
  • The handlebar is made up of 3 pieces and can bend while you’re steering.
  • It takes time to get used to the handlebar because it collapses so you do have to pay attention to where you hold it.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • Car seat compatible
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Easy fold and unfold
  • Large canopy
  • Parent cupholder
  • Difficult seat recline
  • handlebar not adjustable

Ingelsina Zippy Stroller Specifications

Product Dimensions ‎31.5 x 19.3 x 40 inches 
Maximum weight recommendation ‎55 Pounds 
Material composition ‎100% Polyester 
Care instructions ‎Hand wash in cold water 
Number Of Items ‎1 
Batteries required ‎No 
Harness type ‎5 Point 
Item Weight ‎15 pounds 


Stroller Video Demo

Here is a quick Ingelsina Zippy Stroller demo by Ingelsina. Gives you a quick show of most of the stroller’s features.

Where to Buy?

You can check out the Ingelsina Zippy Stroller at Amazon.

Conclusion – Ingelsina Zippy Stroller Review

A lot of parents found the stroller to be comfortable and easy to maneuver. Weighing only 15 lbs, it is a lightweight and affordable stroller that makes travelling with your baby quite easy.

And that’s it for a full Ingelsina Zippy stroller review! It tells you all you need to know about the stroller – including its Pros and Cons. I hope it has provided you with enough information to help you make your purchase decision.

If you have any question or if something is not entirely clear to you, do not hesitate to contact me or put down your comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!!

xx Krista

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