Uppa Baby Minu Stroller Review

-here is a review on Uppa Baby Minu Stroller!

YSG Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Weight: 15.2 lbs

The Uppa Baby minu stroller is the perfect companion for urban living parents looking for a lightweight, portable stroller with features to keep up with their daily adventures. The stroller is suitable for children 3 months up to 50lbs. The one-handed action fold and shoulder carrying strap makes it easy to take anywhere, while the roomy basket is large enough for storing a diaper tote or shopping bags. The Muppa baby minu is also optimized for infants with the use of From Birth Kit or car seat adapter accessories. One-hand action fold Stands when folded Shoulder carry strap Full covering canopy with vented window and UPF 50+ extendable sunshade Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point harness Hand-sewn, leather handlebars with perforated pattern for extra grip & breathability Storage pocket to keep essentials (e.g. keys, phone) within reach Easy access, large basket All-wheel suspension Full-grain leather handle bars Storage bag included. The stroller has a hand-sewn, leather handlebars with perforated pattern for extra grip. 

Uppa Baby Minu Stroller Review

One-handed, one-step fold 

The stroller has a one hand fold feature which enables you easily fold the stroller in one smooth motion.  

Shoulder Carry Strap & Storage Bag.

Collapse, fold, go – it’s that easy with Uppa Baby minu stroller’s compact package fold, handy built-in carry strap, and included storage bag. 

Compact Fold

The stroller folds with just one hand in a fold that reduces the stroller to the size of a small package. 

Stands When Folded

The MINU also stands when folded, thus making it more comfortable to store the stroller in the your home.

All-Wheel Suspension.

As a lightweight stroller fitting for travel, the Uppa Baby minu stroller was designed with an all-wheel suspension and easy gliding wheels, creating a smooth and comfortable ride for both parent and Baby.


A selling point of the Uppababy Minu seems to be the leather grips on the handlebar, which give you a sure grip whether it is sunny or rainy outside.  A departure from the ratty foam grips of less expensive brands, these are probably nicer than what you have on the steering wheel of your car. 

5-point Safety Harness

The Uppababy Minu features a locking 5-point harness with adjustable straps to keep your toddler from toddling off as you are wheeling them around.  It also keeps them snug in their seat when maneuvering down the sidewalk, weaving through pedestrians.  The brake is simple enough to use.  Pedals by the back wheels are marked red for stop and green for go.   Push down on the red pedal with your foot to lock both back wheels into position, or push down on the green pedal to release the brake.  The opposite pedal will move up or down accordingly, so it is easy to see if the brake is engaged or not. 

Easy-Access Basket

The MINU is designed with a sizable mesh “easy-access” basket that holds to 20 lbs. of take-alongs, providing plenty of room for your everyday essentials and for gifts you might pick up along the way. 

Zip-Up Storage Pocket

The MINU stroller has a built-in zip-up storage pocket behind the stroller seat for personal items.

Smooth strolling 

Spring-action, all-wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride for both you and baby. 

Roomy seat with multi-position recline 

The built-in recline behind the stroller seat enables you to adjust baby’s seating position from high to low with minimal distraction. It is designed to keep up with your growing child, the Uppa Baby minu stroller has a spacious seat that holds up to 50 lbs. Its multi-position recline allows your child to relax for a nap or sit upright to take in the sights. 


When shopping for a lightweight stroller, you’ll notice that the footrest options are few. The MINU sports an angled footrest built into the seat that’s similar to the UPPAbaby G-LUXE, as well as a lower step rest to accommodate growing children. 


The MINU has a sizable canopy and in good UPPAbaby tradition, the canopy has a built-in vented window and pop-out sunshade hiding inside that’s at your service on a moment’s notice. Especially if you expect to use the stroller for travels, this is a critical feature and one that sets the MINU apart from other travel strollers.

Push on/Push off Break.

Made in an open-toe friendly design, simply push on and push off the break during stroll stops. 


The fold mechanism for the MINU is truly original and innovative, resulting in a super compact fold. It folds gracefully and locks seamlessly. In its folded position, the stroller is reduced to four accordion components and this, combined with a weight of 14.5 lbs. makes the MINU your ultimate take-along stroller.


When opened, the distinctive triangle frame is incredibly durable, with aluminum arms and ABS plastic joints that resist corrosion and wear. 

Locking mechanism

The frame folds up with one hand, though the locking mechanism is a little more involved than other strollers.  Simply slide the mechanism to the right with your thumb and squeeze the front mechanism and the whole shebang folds up like a Transformer to stow away in your car, overhead bin, or closet when not in use. One-hand operation is also great when your other arm is full of squirming toddler, groceries, your diaper bag, or you just don’t want to get your other hand caught in the frame as it folds up.

The seat

The seat is washable fabric (which is good, because toddlers seem to exude jelly somehow), and strong enough to carry a 50lb kid.  At 13.5″ wide, the interior of the seat is roomy, compared to other lightweight strollers, so if your kid is on the larger side, they should be able to ride just fine with a little more headroom than other strollers (such as the Colugo).  With an easy-to-use adjustment strap at the back of the seat, you can lay your passenger back for naps or just to chill.  The seat does not lie back fully, however.


  • Versatility. All-in-all, with its light and compact design, combined with a sizable basket, stroller recline, footrest and from-birth compatibility, the MINU is a versatile stroller that makes your in-town and out-of-town trips a breeze.
  • Conquer the Road: Let’s face it, traveling with a child can be stressful – by the time you collect everything that has to come with, staying home seems to be more relaxing. No stroller can eliminate this challenge of course, but the MINU does simply it significantly, eliminating the need to check your stroller in and reducing your travel gear to a very small package-sized stroller. Hopefully it empowers us to conquer the world more often
  • Classy Colors: Among its four colors, the MINU has an even split between neutral colors in Jake (black) and Jordan (charcoal), as well as beautifully bright colors in Denny (red) and Ryan (teal). We have a hard time picking
  • Uniquely Features: For a lightweight stroller that’s also optimal for travel, the MINU really does have unique added features that we have trouble finding elsewhere, namely the extended SPF 50+ canopy, the angled footrest, and a more spacious basket.
  • Brake Limitation: If you are on the tall side, or simply have really big feet, you might find yourself walking along and accidentally stepping on the brake, sending the whole stroller screeching to a halt. Compared to other strollers, however (like the Colugo), the distance of the angle from the wheels to where your feet probably are is a lot further back, so with practice, you should be able to master how to walk in no time at all. There have been complaints about the brake mechanism malfunctioning as well, which means you might have to flip the mechanism up manually to disengage the brake.
  • Recline: The seat doesn’t lie all the way back. There. I said it. This probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, however, since it also keeps your kid’s head clear of your feet when you are pushing them down the sidewalk.
  • Mesh window: The peekaboo window is nice to check in on your kid (did you remember to latch the five-point harness?), but considering it is mesh, if it is raining outside, you are going to want to keep that flap down.
  • No cup holder: Cup holders are essential for parents. They hold milk bottles, they can hold your coffee that you need in order to function, and you can use them for things like your keys or anything else you need within arm’s reach. There is a decided lack of cup holders that come standard with the Minu. You can purchase them as an accessory from Uppababy.

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Uppa Baby Minu Stroller Specifications

Maximum weight recommendation‎55 Pounds
Material Type‎Leather
Material_composition‎100% Polyester
Batteries required‎No
Harness type‎5 Point
Item Weight‎15.2 pounds

Overall Rating: 4.5 /5.0 

Price for Quality:  4.0/5.0

Weight: 4.5/5.0

Ease of Use and Maneuverability: 5.0/5.0

Features: 4.0 /5.0


The Uppa Baby Minu Stroller is carefully constructed or engineered with ease, convenience, comfort and compact carry in mind. There are other competitors which are just as durable, capable, and stylish as the Uppababy Minu. It all boils down to a matter of personal preference. For the price point, this stroller is quite on the pricey side but it might fit your perception for a stroller. So if you can afford it why not?

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