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-the complete Cynebaby stroller review!

YSG Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Weight: 25.8 lbs

This Luxurious yet affordable Cynebaby Stroller for newborn babies, is constructed by a durable yet lightweight aluminum frame, with easy-clean fabrics cover. It is a stroller made solely for the safety of your newborn. It is made up of a user FRIENDLY AND COMFY FABRICS that are not easily torn or punctured by sharp objects. The stroller includes a bassinet which has multiple positions such as a FORWARD-FACING position and a PARENT-FACING position recline toddler seat. Sleeping bassinet mode is suitable for babies 0-6 months, seat mode suits for babies 6 months to 33 lbs, so infant newborn babies sleep well in the bassinet stroller. It is made up of 12-inch TPE rear wheels which gives a smooth ride on all roads. 360-degree front swivel wheels allow a perfect turning circle and effortless maneuverability. Handlebar features premium leather for extra grip while pushing the baby.

Cynebaby Stroller Features 

Harness System 

It is advisable to get a stroller with a sturdy safety belt and crotch strap, which keeps a baby or a toddler from slipping out. The Cynebaby Strollers are also one recommendable stroller to get for your baby. Most are made of thick nylon webbing. Some models we’ve tested in the pa According to ASTM safety standards, a crotch strap should be mandatory when the waist strap is in use. 

Look for buckles on the harness that are easy for you to operate but difficult for small hands to unfasten. If you’re shopping with your baby, check the seat belt to make sure it’s strong and durable, and fits snugly around your child. Some strollers have only waist and crotch straps, but many come with an adjustable five-point harness (two straps over the shoulders, two for the thighs, and a crotch strap), much like those found in car seats, which keep a baby from slipping or falling out if the stroller tips, or climbing out when you’re not looking. The straps should be height-adjustable for proper fit, and securely anchored. 


Check that any stroller you intend to buy has a good parking brake, one that’s convenient to operate and locks two wheels. Parking brakes on two wheels provide an extra margin of safety. Some two-wheel parking brakes are activated in a single stroke by a bar in the rear of the stroller frame. Others require two actions and have foot-operated tabs above each rear wheel. When brakes are activated, plastic cogs engage with the sprockets of the rear wheels. Avoid models that can hurt your feet when you engage or disengage the brakes with light shoes or bare feet. In addition to parking brakes, most jogging strollers have bicycle-type hand-operated brakes–important to help you slow down when cruising at a fast clip. Some pricier jogging strollers have hand-operated brakes on the front or rear wheels.


The SUV syndrome has carried over into strollers with large wheels and a rugged, off-road appearance. The larger the wheels, the easier it is to negotiate curbs and rough surfaces. But big wheels eat up trunk space. Most strollers have double wheels on the front that swivel to make steering easier. Front wheels feature two positions: full swivel for smooth surfaces or locked in one forward-facing position for rough terrain. Some three-wheel strollers have a front wheel that doesn’t swivel; those can be hard to maneuver. Misaligned and loose wheels are a chronic stroller problem. One sign of good construction is wheels that sit on the floor uniformly when a baby is inside. 

Leg holes 

Carriages and strollers designed for newborns or young infants, which fully recline, must have leg holes that close so an infant can’t slip through. Manufacturers use mesh or fabric shields or hinged, molded footrests that raise and clamp over the leg holes. According to the industry’s voluntary standard, a stroller with leg holes that can’t be closed shouldn’t be able to fully recline, which is meant to prevent its use with a newborn. 


A canopy is a must-have for protecting your baby, especially in glaring sunlight or inclement weather. Canopies range from a simple fabric square strung between two wires to deep, pull-down versions that shield almost the entire front of the stroller. Reversible (or 180-degree travel) canopies protect the baby from sun or wind from ahead or behind. Some canopies have a clear plastic “peek-a-boo” window on top so you can keep an eye on your baby while you’re strolling. The window (or viewing port) is a nice feature; you’ll use it more than you’d think. 

Reversible Stroller Seat

Double push mode is one unique function that enables the baby either face its parents or face the world. With the facing forward push mode, babies gets to

enjoy beautiful views of nature and also get to have a comforting view at looking at their parents. While enjoying a priceless stroll with their beloved parents. 

Swivel Front Wheels 

Cynebaby has big bicycle type rubber tires that are all terrain. These tires are durable and do not require pumping like bicycle tires; so they are low maintenance. The front wheels swivel to provide it with better maneuverability around corners and through tight passage ways. The front wheels can be locked to give the stroller additional stability, especially when using it on uneven terrain.The Front wheels of the Cynebaby strollers are 360°free swiveling in nature, 

Anti-Shock Wheels

The internal shock absorption springs provide double protection for the baby from shock disturbing. Babies can enjoy a comfortable and safe riding experience. 

Storage Bags 

A zipped storage bag and mesh storage bag offer enough room for little stuff, such as mommy’ purse, keys, cell phone and so on. The mesh bag also can hold a baby bottle or water bottle. 

Stroller Seat 

The Cynebaby stroller seat is reversible so as to enable your baby facing towards you or facing forward. This seat can be reclined to multiple positions; it can sit up right for older kids or you can set it anywhere in the middle when your little one wants to kick back and relax. For the youngest ones, the seat can be reclined even

deeper for a comfortable outdoor nap. This stroller seat is recommended for ages 0 to 3 year old and can hold a maximum of 50 lbs. A high seat offers your child a better view of their environment. The stroller seat is well padded for comfort and has a five point harness that is easy to use. The harness adjusts for height and around the waist to ensure proper fit for your child. 

Safety Belly Bar

The Cynebaby Stroller has a button to remove the belly bar making it super easy to get your baby in or out of the stroller. 


It’s stylish compared to the design of many other similar infant-toddler strollers. 

Thanks to the suspension system, the ride is smooth for your little one.

You can use it in so many different positions to best accommodate your baby or toddler. 

The stroller is fairly easy to put together. 

It has a simple one-touch parking brake so you can stop quickly or suddenly as needed. 

The aluminum alloy frame is not only sturdy, but it’s a shock absorber too.

The handlebar is adjustable for parents and caregivers of varying heights.


Some parents might notice a strong plastic smell in new Cynebaby Newborn Baby Strollers for infants and toddlers. 

The footrest might not be long enough to some growing toddlers. 

Cynebaby Stroller Specifications 

Minimum weight recommendation: 5 lbs

Maximum weight recommendation: 50 lbs 

Care Instruction: Hand Washable 

Harness type: 5 Point 

Item Weight: 25.8 pounds 

Essential Accessories: Canopy, Harness(Foot Strap, Wrist Strap, Waist Strap, Crotch Strap)

Where to Buy?

You can check out the Cynebaby Stroller at Amazon.

Overall Rating

Price for Quality: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) 

Weight: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) 

Ease of Use: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) 

Features : 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) 

Conclusion – Cynebaby Stroller Review

And that’s it for a full Cynebaby Stroller review! It tells you all you need to know about the stroller – including its Pros and Cons. I hope it has provided you with enough information to help you make your purchase decision.

If you have any questions or if something is not entirely clear to you, do not hesitate to contact me or put down your comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!!

xx Krista

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