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– the complete Maclaren BMW stroller review!

YSG Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The Maclaren BMW stroller is a top quality luxury stroller branded by Maclaren as a stroller for a ‘new era of stylish mobility’. It is known as the BMW stroller because it was designed in collaboration with the car brand BMW. Although a lot of parents have scrutinized this stroller as being too expensive, Maclaren on the other hand designed the BMW stroller to be a top notch baby stroller with features and quality to last a lifetime. To support this, they offer a Lifetime Warranty that allows you to return the stroller even years after you purchase it (if it develops a functional issue). This means that compared to buying a stroller that breaks down after a few years and having to spend time and money purchasing a new stroller, you have a single stroller that can withstand years of use. So if you are interested in paying top dollar for a stroller that would withstand time, here is a full Maclaren BMW stroller review for you!

Maclaren BMW Stroller Features

Lightweight and Compact Stroller: The Maclaren BMW stroller is a really lightweight stroller at only 12.4 lbs. It has been designed to be a super lightweight and on-the-go stroller. Very convenient for trips and long travels where your toddler doesn’t need to sit and you’d have to carry the stroller most of the time.

Maclaren BMW Stroller - Silver- Maclaren BMW Stroller review
Easy to Fold and Compact

Child Weight: The Maclaren BMW stroller is super lightweight but able to carry child’s weight of up to 50 lbs. This is rare for most lightweight strollers as they are usually able to carry way less than 50 lbs.

Multi-Position Recline: The Maclaren BMW stroller comes with a multi-position recline, that provides additional comfort for your kid. You can adjust the stroller so your kid can sit upright or lie back to take a nice nap.

One-Hand Recline feature: The recline feature of the Maclaren BMW stroller can simply be activated using one hand. This allows you easily recline the stroller without needing to free up both hands.

5-Point Harness: The Maclaren BMW stroller comes with a 5-point harness to keep your baby safely ticked into the stroller.

Maclaren BMW Stroller - Silver- Maclaren BMW Stroller review
5-Point Harness

Removable and Washing Machine Compatible Stroller Seat: The Maclaren BMW stroller comes with a removable stroller seat that can easily be washed in a regular washing machine. This is a rare feature compared to other strollers in the market. By simply putting the stroller seat cover in a washing machine, with cold water and a delicate setting, you can get a clean, good as new stroller seat. No fear of damaging the stroller seat while washing. 

4-Wheel Suspension: Stroller comes with a BMW inspired 4-wheel suspension to give you a smooth ride for all terrain.

Maclaren BMW Stroller
BMW Inspired Suspension System

Extendable UPF+50 Bassinet and Visor: Unlike regular fabric used in most stroller bassinets, the BMW stroller comes with a UPF+50 bassinet fabric that helps prevent up to 98% of harmful UV rays from reaching your kid. This is quite nice for hot weather.

Waterproof Bassinet and Rain Cover: The BMW stroller come with a waterproof stroller bassinet and a rain cover. This means you don’t have to worry about your baby getting wet when it rains, or needing to hold up an umbrella to protect you and your kid.

Stroller Basket: The BMW stroller comes with a nice basket to provide you room to hold your on-the-go or shopping items. Although the stroller basket is not as huge as most, it is still a nice stroller to have.

Maclaren BMW Stroller - Silver- Maclaren BMW Stroller review
Stroller Besket/Storage Space
Maclaren BMW Stroller - Silver- Maclaren BMW Stroller review
Rear-Accessible Basket

Stroller Wheel Reflectors: Reflectors are always nice to have for night time when on the move with your stroller. For added safety, the BMW stroller comes with reflectors on the stroller wheel for this purpose.

Ventilation Bassinet: The stroller bassinet includes a ventilation zip to allow more air circulation within the stroller when needed.

Stroller Color Options

The Maclaren BMW stroller comes in three color options – Black, Navy, and Silver. Each stroller comes with exactly the same features. This allows you pick a color that suits you most.


  • Lightweight and Sturdy: The BMW stroller is super lightweight and sturdy at 12.4 lbs. Although lightweight, the stroller is able to carry child’s weight of up to 50 lbs.
  • Already Assembled: The BMW stroller is delivered already assembled, so you don’t need to worry about having to put it together properly by yourself.
  • Multi-Recline Feature: This is definitely a Pro as it provides your kid with extra comfort.
  • Rain Cover Included: This is a Pro, as you don’t have to purchase a rain cover separately. The rain cover fits perfectly and is easy to put on.
  • Extendable and Sun-Proof Bassinet: The sun proof bassinet is an awesome feature that is hard to find with other strollers on the market. So this counts as another pro for the Maclaren stroller.


  • Expensive Stroller: The main con of the BMW stroller is that it is very expensive compared to all other lightweight strollers on the market. This stroller is only suitable if you’re looking to purchase a luxury stroller.
  • No Newborn Support: The BMW stroller only supports babies from 6 months upwards. It does not come with the features to support newborns.
  • No Cup-Holder: Another Con of the BMW stroller is that it doesn’t come with a cup holder. You need to purchase the cup holder separately for an extra $15.

Maclaren BMW Stroller Reviews

The Maclaren BMW stroller has had its share of both positive and negative reviews. Based on the stroller features and parent reviews, the Maclaren BMW stroller gets a 4.5/5.0.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

After reviewing a number of parent reviews and feedback, these are the likes and dislikes mentioned as part of the Maclaren BMW stroller review.

  • Nice and easy fold
  • Very sturdy and comfy
  • Great quality and super light
  • Smooth and easy maneuver on bumpy terrain
  • Great for traveling and very stylish
  • Silver color gets dirty really quick
  • Basket not big enough
  • No leg rest, only a foothold that’s not always comfy

In general, a lot of parent were pretty happy about their stroller purchase. Only issue was with the Silver stroller being hard to maintain cause of the white color. Although it can easily be cleaned in a washing machine, it can still be a bit of a hassle. So if this is going to be an issue for you, you should consider getting one of the other colors.

Maclaren BMW Stroller Video Demo

Here is a small video demo of the Maclaren BMW stroller. Shows you a number of the features mentioned above under stroller features.

Maclaren BMW Stroller Specifications

Stroller Weight12.4 lbs
Dimensions31.9 x 18.9 x 41.1 inches
Minimum weight recommendation4 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation55 Pounds

Where to Buy?

The Maclaren BMW was released quite some time back since 2013. If you’re wondering where you can still get it, you can easily buy it at Amazon. They sometimes offer great discounts, so you can check the latest price there!

How to Get the Maclaren BMW Stroller Lifetime Waranty?

To get the lifetime warranty offered for the Maclaren BMW stroller, you need to register your stroller here within 60 days of purchasing the stroller. This applies to strollers purchased through Maclaren or one of its merchants like Amazon, AleeBaby. This is a great option that guarantees you would always get your money’s worth.

Maclaren Stroller with Car Seat

This Maclaren stroller unfortunately does not come with a stroller seat. To view a Maclaren stroller with a car seat check out the Maclaren XLR Travel System.

Conclusion – Maclaren BMW Stroller Review

The Maclaren BMW is a great quality, lightweight, luxury stroller for everyday use. With its multiple features and high positive feedback from parents, it is one of the top Maclaren strollers worth your time and money. Its lifetime warranty makes it the best option for your money as you’re assured you’ve paid top dollar for a stroller that would last for years!

That’ it for a full Maclaren BMW stroller review. This was a complete review created using data collected on multiple forums, store reviews and product features. I hope it has given you enough information to help you make your purchase decision.

If you have any question or if something is not entirely clear to you, do not hesitate to contact me or put down your comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!!

xx Krista

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